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 American Mold Remediation is commited to providing first-rate service and quality work for mold removal services in Pittsburgh.

We have been called upon in some of the most complex cases and perform numerous residential, industrial and commercial size projects.  No job too big or too small.  We have ability to both mitigate/remediate/remove mold and come up with solutions to fix the problem causing the mold to grow in the first place.  We have almost seen it all but apply the scientific process to stop mold in its tracks.

Best Specialists

Our Mold Remediation Specialists are located right outside of Pittsburgh. We have been servicing the Greater Pittsburgh Area offering Mold Remediation Services at  affordable prices.  We will provide you viable solutions to your problems and address your concerns.  We use the safest chemicals in the industry of mold remediation to ensure that our workers and clients are in a safe environment from start to finish.  We understand and work with our clients budgets. American mold offers a wealth of experience to tackle projects and fight mold at the source.  

Certified Company

With AMR, you not only get a certified mold company, but you get an honest experienced friend in the business.

We work closely with our clients and prospects ensuring that we do the work that we were contracted to perform, resulting in the best possible results for you and your family.

Our experienced crew guarantees clean service and we will work within your budget.  All of our crew members are hard working, trained, fast, efficient, strong and intelligent.  We work in a very dangerous  environment and safety is a priority for us.  All of our staff our required to be physically fit as it is necessary to be very agile to remove mold in tight spaces.


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